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PONI LUR: An entrepreneurial approach to challenges in the Ljubljana Urban Region

The PONI LUR project is part of the comprehensive project “An entrepreneurial approach to challenges”, which is set to be implemented throughout Slovenia.

The main goal of the project is thus to set up new businesses that will be brought to realisation by individuals with an enterprise idea via entrepreneurship training. In order to promote entrepreneurial activity and the success of development of business ideas, substantive support is required in the first phase. This will be provided to participants by internal and external mentors, external experts and entrepreneurs. The project covers the provision of substantive support activities via which over a period of four months groups of participants are ensured employment and a supportive enterprise environment in which they can successfully develop and realise their own business ideas. The training programme will accompany participants from the development of a business idea to the elaboration of a business model and business plan. At the same time it will provide them with comprehensive information about all important areas of entrepreneurship. In addition, the project facilitates the use of physical infrastructure under the co-working principle.

The expected result of the project is the inclusion of 78 potential entrepreneurs who will draw up 78 business plans and present 78 minimum viable products on the market. The aim is to achieve a minimum of 30% successful entrepreneurship outcomes.

The project is implemented within the context of the Operational Programme for the Implementation of European Cohesion Policy 2014–2020, Priority Axis 3 “Dynamic and competitive businesses for green economic growth”, investment priority 3.1 “Promoting entrepreneurship, particularly by facilitating the commercial application of new ideas and encouraging the establishment of new enterprises, including business incubators”, specific objective 3.1.1 “Promoting the formation and activity of enterprises, particularly start-ups”.

The total value of the “PONI LUR – An entrepreneurial approach to challenges in the Ljubljana Urban Region” project is €831,480.00, of which the ERDF will contribute €582,036.00.

Project duration: 1 July 2020–30 September 2023