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Regional Scholarship Scheme LUR

The Regional Scholarship Scheme of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RSS LUR) is a project based on a partnership between the Regional Development Agency, employers in the region and the state. In accordance with the provisions of the Scholarships Act (ZŠtip-1), it involves the co-funding of employer scholarships for the purpose of:

  • harmonisation of human resources supply and demand in an individual statistical region in the sense of matching the skills of young people with needs in the labour market,
  • raising the level of the qualifications structure,
  • reducing structural unemployment,
  • encouraging trained personnel to return from university centres to statistical regions and/or retaining them,
  • connecting education with industry and the wider social environment,
  • acquisition of practical experience (knowledge, competences and skills) during education via regular work placements in order to ensure successful inclusion in the labour market,
  • promotion of employer scholarships offered by businesses in the statistical region and the planning of human resources development in accordance with the needs of the labour market.

The regional scholarship scheme project is a unified system of co-funding employer scholarships in all twelve of Slovenia’s statistical regions.

From September until the end of the current year at the latest, employers awarding employer scholarships must submit a report on scholarships awarded to the Public Scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenance Fund of the Republic of Slovenia. Those required to submit reports include businesses, entrepreneurs, municipalities, educational institutions, foundations, clubs/societies/associations and all other legal entities that have at least one scholarship recipient in a given academic year.

Reporting takes place via an online application. An appropriate certificate is required for access.


The RSS LUR project provides 50% co-funding of employer scholarships to employers whose registered office is in one of the 25 municipalities of the Ljubljana Urban Region: Borovnica, Brezovica, Dobrepolje, Dobrova–Polhov Gradec, Dol pri Ljubljani, Domžale, Grosuplje, Horjul, Ig, Ivančna Gorica, Kamnik, Komenda, City of Ljubljana, Logatec, Log–Dragomer, Lukovica, Medvode, Mengeš, Moravče, Škofljica, Šmartno pri Litiji, Trzin, Velike Lašče, Vodice and Vrhnika.

An employer scholarship consists of two parts:

RRA LUR covers 50 % of the awarded employer scholarship (up to a maximum of 30% of the minimum wage),

the remainder of the employer scholarship is provided by the employers who employ the scholarship recipients.

In the event that an employer scholarship recipient is studying at a level and in a field defined in the Scholarship Policy (2020–2024) adopted by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia at its 101st correspondence session on 27 January 2020, co-funding of the employer scholarship will be awarded in the amount of 70% of the employer scholarship, up to a maximum of 40% of the minimum wage.

Procedures relating to the co-funding of employer scholarships are implemented by RRA LUR.

The legal basis for the project and its implementation by RRA LUR is provided by the Promotion of Balanced Regional Development Act and the Scholarships Act.