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Analysis, Diagnosis, Evaluation, Pilot Actions and Learning processes for Joint Innovation Programmes


6th Framework Programme, PRO-INNO Initiative

Aims and objectives of the project

The INNO-DEAL project focused on programmes to support innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with a special focus on financing programmes for companies in the start-up and spin-off phases. The project consortium brought together 12 partners from the same number of EU regions, in order to create conditions for a systematic exchange of experiences and good practices between SME support programme managers, to establish more lasting interregional cooperation and to carry out joint activities.

Project Partners

Finaziaria Laziale di Sviluppo (Italy) – Coordinator

Vienna Science and Technology Fund (Austria)

Central Bohemia Regional Development Agency (Czech Republic)

Kouvola Innovation (Finland)

Méditerranée Technologies (France)

Lithuanian Innovation Centre (Lithuania)

Stuttgart Region (Germany)

Podlaska Regional Development Foundation (Poland)

North East Regional Development Agency (Romania)

City of Ljubljana / RRA LUR (Slovenia)

Navarra Region (Spain)

Advantage West Midlands – Regional Development Agency (Great Britain)

Slovene partner

Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR)


Project Budget: EUR 2,148,000.00

Project value for RRA LUR: EUR 146,884.00

The project is 100% funded by the EU.

Project time frame

1st September 2006 – 31st August 2009