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SUSTOURISMO: Sustainable Tourism & Mobility Hand-by-Hand development


ADRION (Adriatic-Ionan programme)


SUSTOURISMO is a project funded by the European Union’s ‘Adriatic-Ionian Programme INTERREG VB Transnational 20142020’. It aims to upgrade the environment and highlight the natural and cultural heritage elements within the Adriatic region through the reduction of environmental pollutants caused by the increasing use of private vehicles of tourists travelling around the Adriatic countries. The reduction is expected to be achieved through increasing the modal share of active transportation (walking, cycling), Public Transport (PuT) and lower-carbon mobility concepts (car sharing – car-pooling, electromobility).

In this context, attractive touristic packages will be developed to meet the tourists’ mobility requirements. In addition, the SUSTOURISMO application for mobile phones will be designed, developed and pilot tested for a ten months period in nine cities of the participating countries (Albania, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia). Ten partners (Research Agencies, Universities, Municipalities and Regions of the Adriatic – Ionian Sea) coordinated by CERTH/HIT as lead partner of the consortium, join their forces to examine and evaluate the efficiency of innovative combined tourism-mobility services.


  • Identifying crucial tourism & mobility services providers and involved key players
  • Experience exchange for sustainable tourism improvement (through sustainable travel) within the Adriatic – Ionian region
  • Exploring tourists’ needs (surveys for identifying interests and needs; sights, areas of historical and cultural value, alternative types of tourism)
  • Building cooperation among identified players for developing a win- win environment; evoke sustainability responsibility to tourists while increasing tourism & mobility sectors profitability
  • Exploiting the power of new technologies for travelers’ engagement in ‘green’ travelling – “SUSTOURISMO” app (for sustainable tourism awareness raising, for crowd-sourcing/crowd-learning and assessing environmental friendly and responsible travel behaviors)
  • Delivering methodologies for transferring and adopting the lessons learned by the pilot cases to other ADRION regions
  • Providing ADRION policy makers with a Sustainable VolunTourism Boost Action Plan (ROADMAP) that concentrates guidelines for reaching sustainable tourism goal

Project partners:

  • Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) (Greece) – Lead partner
  • Regional Union of Municipalities of Epirus – PED Epirus (Greece),
  • Institute for Transport and Logistics – ITL (Italy),
  • CEI-ES (Italy),
  • Institute of Traffic and Transport Ljubljana l.l.c – PIL (Slovenia),
  • Regional Development Agency of Ljubjana urban region – RDA-LUR (Slovenia),
  • City of Zadar – GZ (Croatia),
  • Municipality of Tivat – MoT (CRNA GORA),
  • Regional Council of Berat – RCB (Albania),
  • University of Belgrade – FTTE (Serbia).


Total budget: 1.618.927, 60 EUR

Budget for RRA LUR: 171.328,60 EUR

Co-financing ERDF for RRA LUR: 145.629,31 EUR (85 %)

RRA LUR Co-financing: 25.699,29 EUR (15 %)

Project duration:

1st February 2020 – 31st July 2022