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RAILHUC: Railway Hub Cities and TEN-T Network

  • Central Europe

City rail hubs: the present crucial elements of transport interconnectivity in Central Europe

Central Europe cities are the „first/last legs »of transnational transport chains. These chains consist of local, regional, and transnational transport systems. On the one hand high speed connections among rail hubs in Central Europe are being upgraded, especially on TEN-T networks and along the main intercity lines. On the other hand, nevertheless rail and in public transport bound feeder lines need to be upgraded, strengthened, and better organized. That calls for a multi modal integration of local/city transport networks, regional transport systems and transnational transport axes in particular TEN-T. In fact, the main elements of this integration are constituted by city rail hubs.

Railway Hub Cities and TEN-T Network

To enhance rail transport by improving the feeding functions on rail of major hub cities and their respective regions 13 partners from 8 countries cooperate in the RAILHUC project. This project aims to improve Central Europe’s interconnectivity by an intermodal integration of rail hubs at 3 different levels: into the TEN-T system, into regional and local transport rail and non-rail systems.


The challenge that the RAILHUC partners share is the development of models, concepts, measures, harmonised strategies, and policy actions targeted at the embedding of the urban and regional transport systems into the intercity rail transport throughout the whole Central Europe area.

Project partners

16 rail hub cities are included in RAILHUC and represented each time by a project partner. Except one of them all these cities feature in TEN-T RAIL Priority Projects.

  • Emilia-Romagna Region, D.G. Infrastructural Networks, Logisti cs and Mobility – Systems (Emilia-Romagna, IT),
  • KORDIS JMK, spol. s r.o. (Jihovychod, CZ),
  • Vysocina Region (Jihovychod, CZ),
  • Central German Metropolitan Region represented by City of Dresden (Sachsen, DE),
  • German Associati on for Housing, Urban and Spati al Development (Berlin, DE),
  • Hungarian State Railways Private Company Limited by Shares (MÁV Co.) (Kozep-Magyarorszag, HU)
  • KTI Research Insti tute for Transport Sciences (Kozep-Magyarorszag, HU),
  • City of Venice (Veneto, IT),
  • Veneto Region – Infrastructure Regional Secretariat – Logisti cs Unit (Veneto, IT),
  • Railway Company Slovakia, joint stock company (Bratislavsky, SK),
  • PKP Polish Railway Lines Company (Mazowieckie, PL),
  • Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region (Ljubljana, SI),
  • City of Vienna, Department for Urban Development and Planning (Wien, AT)


Total budget: 3.347.622,25 EUR

Budget for RRA LUR: 218.610,70 EUR

EU co-financing: 185.819,00 EUR (85 %)

RRA LUR co-financing: 32.791,60 EUR (15 %).

Project duration: 

October 2011 – September 2014