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CIVITAS SUMP-PLUS: Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning – Pathways and Links to Urban Systems


CIVITAS initiative, Horizon 2020

Aim and purpose of the project:

SUMP-PLUS is breaking new ground in a variety of ways. It is seeking to develop new processes for mobility pathway development and cross-sector planning; testing innovative products and services for both freight and passenger transport services; and identifying new public-private business and organisational models.

SUMP-PLUS is using an approach centred on co-created City Laboratories. The concept behind the laboratories is embedded in a multidisciplinary research approach, with the practical experience emerging from this co-created process, finally being tested and validated in the City Lab activities. This is replicated within a Follower Cities group, with the related expertise passed on to the next generation via knowledge transfer activities.

Broadly speaking, the work of SUMP-PLUS can be divided into three phases:

  1. Comprehensive research to ensure the City Labs are defined and formed in the right way;
  2. Application and testing of methods and solutions within the City Labs and replication within Follower Cities, followed by mutual learning and evaluation that refines the concept and its practicality;
  3. Training related to, and exploitation of, the SUMP-PLUS approach and knowledge for the follower cities.

Role of the follower cities:

The group brings together 17 towns and cities from 12 countries in all regions of Europe. The group, representing local authorities both large and small, will form an integral part of the project’s sharing and learning community.

The transport and urban mobility planning practitioners representing these cities will participate in a programme designed to foster the exchange of good practices, experiences, and lessons learned in relation to preparing and implementing Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs).

Follower Cities will closely follow the actions of one or more of the SUMP-PLUS City Laboratories, reflecting on the pilot activities and offering feedback regarding potential obstacles to implementing the innovative solutions based on their own experiences.

Moreover, the group will be the first to test and provide feedback on a knowledge and planning database to ensure that the information contained there provides tailored support to cities.

Rolle of RRA LUR: Follower region

The projects follower cities:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – Sarajevo
  • Croatia – Zagreb
  • Germany – Mannheim
  • Greece – Thessaloniki
  • Italy – Ginosa, Rio (Elba Island)
  • Netherlands – Hengelo
  • Portugal – Aveiro
  • Romania – Ghimbav, Oradea, Targu Mures, Timisoara
  • Slovenia – Ljubljana urban region
  • Spain – Gijon, Leon
  • Turkey – Kadikoy
  • United Kingdom – Birmingham

Total project finances:  

4 millions EUR

Project duration:

1st. September 2019 – 31st August 2022