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InnoRenew CoE: Renewable materials and healthy environments research and innovation centre of excellence

In Europe as well as the world, considerable attention has lately been given to various youth initiatives urging decision-makers to accelerate the transition towards a more just and sustainable economy – a circular economy. At the RRA LUR we fully agree with these young people: there is no planet B.

That is why in 2017 we joined the consortium of the European project InnoRenew CoE. The consortium researches renewable materials, focusing on the application of scientific findings to industry practices. As part of the consortium, we initiated in 2018 the project Papiro-logia – Circular Design and the Use of Paper in Interior Design. Along with our partner, the Pulp and Paper Institute, we have established an interdisciplinary paper furniture supply chain, and invited another partner from the industry, DS Smith, as well as industrial designers from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, to join us. Who else but young designers could manage to transform a straight line into a closed circle more creatively?