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Max Fabiani Awards 2015

Ljubljanica navigability study wins Max Fabiani Commendation

Among the five projects ranked by the jury as outstanding achievements in the urban, regional and spatial planning sphere and chosen as recipients of a Max Fabiani Award or Commendation was “A Technical Basis for the Navigability of the Ljubljanica River”, created as part of the “River Ljubljanica Navigability Study” project.

The tenth edition of the Max Fabiani Awards took place in November 2015 under the auspices of the Town and Spatial Planning Association of Slovenia (DUPPS), in conjunction with the Max Fabiani Foundation, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning. “A Technical Basis for the Navigability of the Ljubljanica River” was selected for a Max Fabiani Commendation.

The study of the navigability of the upper course of the Ljubljanica from Vrhnika to the Ljubljana urban area is a complex project that, in addition to its central focus on the navigability of the river, offers numerous suggestions for the planning and design of river banks, harbours and moorings, access points and bridging solutions and, above all, the protection of nature and its presentation to visitors. The study is an excellent example of planning in protected landscape areas where, alongside nature conservation, provision has to be made for recreation, tourism and educational activities, as well as for the unimpeded use of thoroughfares and sustainable agriculture. The work was carried out in cooperation with the municipalities through which the Ljubljanica flows and considers their needs on the relevant sections of river. It also takes into account the numerous requirements and restrictions deriving from the protection of natural heritage and the wetland cultural landscape and harmonises them with present-day needs.