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SECAP: Supporting energy and climate adaptation policies




The overall objective of SECAP is to foster the sustainable development of the cross-border territory by promoting low-carbon strategies for all types of territory, in particular urban areas, creating relevant adaptation and mitigation measures. The project, will lead to the cross-border sharing of tools, methodologies and databases and will generate positive effects on local planning in the whole programme area. The transition to a low-carbon society will be implemented in the infrastructure interventions of two (case) project partners and in the evolution of SEAPs into SECAPs for some municipalities/ITUs/metropolitan cities. The sustainable development models of the Covenant of Mayors will therefore be promoted by improving the quality of life and resilience to climate change.


The main results expected from the SECAP project are:

  1. A study on the impact of climate change on the Programme Area with methodological and BEI reports for the municipalities involved. To this end, a common methodology to be provided to the PAs for the effective and cost-effective definition of the BEI and MEIs (inventory & monitoring of emissions) will be tested.
  2. The creation of an inventory of strategies, measures and projects already established, that can be used to increase urban resilience, the creation of a bilingual online database of statistics and data on energy/climate/environment and an Italo-Slovenian atlas of territorial vulnerability with in-depth studies on an urban scale. This will be used as a basis for a coordinated approach to convert SEAPs into SECAPs, with a focus on the transition from mitigation to adaptation. The guidelines will promote the entry of those municipalities still outside the SEAP/SECAP process. These guidelines will be cross-border and unique for the Italian and Slovenian territories. After a training course, the Municipalities (at least 10) will be supported by the PPs in drafting the SECAP.

Project partners:

  • Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous region (Italy)
  • University of Trieste (Italy)
  • AREA Science Park (Italy)
  • Metropolitan City of Venice (Italy)
  • IUAV University of Venice (Italy)
  • Association of Chambers of Commerce of Veneto Region (Italy)
  • Goriška Local Energy Agency, GOLEA (Slovenia)
  • Local Energy Agency of Gorenjska Region, LEAG (Slovenia)
  • Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban region, RRA LUR (Slovenia)
  • Municipality of Pivka (Slovenia)


Total budget: 2.940.351,30 EUR

Budget for RRA LUR: 271.324,00 EUR

Co-financing EU (85 %): 230.625,40 EUR

Project duration:

1st November 2018 – 30 October 2021