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CLEAR CITIES: Promoting Carbon-Less Urban Waste management policies for sustainable, safe, and resilient cities


Interreg Europe

Goals of the project:

Project aims to improve waste management policies to establish more effective waste management models with reduced GHG emissions. To achieve this goal, project gather cities and regions from Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Slovenia, Romania and Bulgaria with different levels of expertise in each stage that comprise waste management life cycle (1.generation; 2.collection; 3.transportation; 4.treatment and processing; 5.disposal) that will work together on identifying, exchanging and implementing good practices focused on:

  • Encouraging waste reduction and household and business recycling from the source.
  • Promoting emission reduction and operational efficiency in waste collection and transportation.
  • Implementing enhancements in waste separation and treatment systems to minimize landfill waste through increased reuse, recycling, and recovery operations.
  • Exploring the integration of emerging technologies throughout the entire process.

Expected project results:

The project emerges to provide efficient, sustainable solutions for cities dealing with increasing waste demands while striving for climate neutrality. The project proposes a holistic approach, analyzing the entire waste life cycle. Leveraging partners’ expertise and experiences from previous IE projects, it will capitalize on this knowledge through workshops to identify innovative solutions for improving waste management policies. The project also introduces innovation by incorporating cutting-edge technologies—IoT, smart sensors, robotics, blockchain, drones, AI, big data, and augmented reality.

Project partners:

  • Municipal Company of Urban Environment Services ofGijón (EMULSA), Spain – Lead Partner
  • Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region, Slovenia
  • Burgas Municipality, Bulgaria
  • Apeldoorn Municipality, Netherlands
  • Langhe Monferrato and Roero Development Agency, Italy
  • Bucharest – Ilfov Regional Development Agency (BI-RDA), Romania
  • City of Gothenburg, Sweden


Total budget of the project: 1.789,465.00 EUR

Budget of the RRA LUR: 219,149.00 EUR

EU co-financing (80 %):175,319.20 EUR

RRA LUR co-financing (20 %): 43,829.80EUR

Project duration:

April 1st 2022 – March 31st 2027