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CIVITAS FastTrack: Coordination and Support Action: Fast-track and mainstream the replication of innovative, urban, peri-urban, and rural mobility solutions


CIVITAS initiative, Horizon 2020

Aim and purpose of the project:

The focus of the FastTrack project is to fast-track and mainstream the replication of innovative, tested urban, peri-urban, and rural mobility solutions. Fast Track will support the transfer, financing and implementation of innovative transport solutions amongst 24 cities and metropolitan regions (Antwerp, Bologna, Budapest, and Stockholm).

The project will work on a variety of transport modes, technologies, services and strategies such as Mobility as a Service, multimodal traffic management, smart grids for e-charging, smart bus prioritization at traffic lights, micro-terminals for freight distribution.

Each city will participate in a two-year capacity-building and exchange programme and will deliver a detailed implementation plan. The project will also provide trainings on horizontal issues such as digitalization, business modelling and governance.

Rolle of RRA LUR: Associated region

Within the project, activities in which the RRA LUR will also be involved, will include:

  • Staff exchanges, expert visits, and short-term training.
  • Identification and access to financial and legal expertise and investors, to help define the feasibility to replicate an innovative mobility solution and to develop a deployment programme of scale.
  • A set of recommendations will be made to bridge the gap in the research and innovation performance and the deployment of the innovative mobility solutions across EU Member States.

The projects associated regions/cities are:

  • Bulgaria – Burgas
  • Bulgaria – Sofia
  • Finland – Tampere
  • France – Grenoble
  • Germany – Munich
  • Hungary – Debrecen
  • Portugal – Braga
  • Romania – Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara
  • Spain – Gijon, Murcia
  • Slovenia – Ljubljana
  • Switzerland – Lausanne
  • Sweden – Malmö
  • The Netherlands – Amsterdam, Groningen, Netwerkstad Twente, Utrecht
  • Turkey – Kadikoy


Project duration: 2021 – 2023