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Website accessibility

In order to make the Website as accessible as possible, we designed it so that by activating different ways of presentation it also becomes accessible to users with various disabilities. Based on our self-assessment, we designed accessibility in accordance with the Website and Mobile Applications Act.

Degree of accessibility

The RRA LUR website is written in HTML5 language and uses CSS3 styles for Web pages design. Interactions and certain functionalities use jQuery JavaScript library. Operation and appearance of the Web pages were tested on all old and new browsers as well as on various devices and operating systems.

The Website is designed to be accessible and user-friendly to all its visitors. It is made in compliance with WCAG 2.0 AA level guidelines (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0). Web pages are additionally upgraded to some requirements of the high-level AAA which enhance the user experience for persons with disabilities.

To achieve web pages’ compatibility with support technologies, and their accessibility with applications such as screen readers, the website complies with WAI-ARIA specifications guidelines (Web Accessibility Initiative – Assistive Rich Internet Applications). The web pages’ HTML code thus includes descriptions and attributes containing information for dedicated applications and readers, respectively. The examples include alternative texts for graphic elements, text boxes and buttons labels, and the like.

Accessibility functions

A part of the website is a tool which enables additional accessibility functions of the Website. It pops up with a click on the accessibility icon in the bottom right corner. The user now has access to:

  • facilitated keyboard navigation,
  • use of larger mouse cursor, black or white,
  • enhanced colour contrasts,
  • display of inverted colours and/or colours in grey shades,
  • standard fonts, more appropriate for persons with dyslexia,
  • larger fonts; bold fonts,
  • highlighted links; titles in uppercase letters.

The use of the Website is additionally made easier for the visitors by means of keyboard shortcuts:

  • display of the Website accessibility options (Ctrl + U),
  • display of the Website map (Ctrl + Alt + K),
  • jump to the Main content (Ctrl + Alt + V),
  • display of the contact form (Ctrl + Alt + S),
  • back to Home (Ctrl + Alt + D).

Possible improvements

The Website uses JavaScript language for normal operation, better all-round experience and enhanced security. Without appropriately supported browser the navigation and submitting Web forms is made difficult.

In case the browser does not support CSS styling, access to all the information is possible nonetheless, but some contents may be duplicated or redundant. The Web pages’ code contains additional texts intended for displaying on screens of varying sizes and appearing alongside specific actions, respectively.

Absence of JavaScript and CSS styles would entail a major change in the design and operation of the Website.

Many WCAG and WAI-ARIA guidelines for improving the accessibility of a Website may be interpreted subjectively. Interpretations may also change in time.


With a view to make visitors’ experience as good as possible and user-friendly you are invited to contact us in case of difficult access to any contents or information on this Website.

Last update 28. 4. 2020