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Let’s go

Online guide to cycling, hiking and running trails

Runners, hikers and cyclists: are you interested in discovering how many trails in the Ljubljana Urban Region are still waiting for you to explore them? On the redesigned Let’s Go (Gremo na pot) website there are more than a thousand kilometres of ideas for spending your free time outdoors in the Ljubljana Urban Region.

You can use the website to plan relaxing walks, bike rides and hikes, more demanding sports tours and school/educational events. The start and finish points of hiking routes are accessible via public transport within the region (urban and regional buses and trains).

The creation of a regional network of cycling, hiking and running trails is a continuous process that is leading the region on the path of sustainable mobility, promoting a healthy lifestyle and opening up new opportunities for tourism in the region.

The website is designed as a modern web application that displays selected content in a clear and friendly manner. The proposed routes are presented via a short description of the route and basic information about difficulty and length. Points of natural and cultural interest are also described, along with details of establishments offering food and drink. There is also a detailed itinerary covering the route from start to finish. Textual descriptions are accompanied by photographs and maps, including an elevation profile, and users also have the option of downloading the route details to a GPS device or printing online content.

Proposed routes, comments and suggestions can be submitted by email to:

The website was financed with funds from the European Union (European Regional Development Fund) and participating municipalities: City of Ljubljana, Domžale, Grosuplje, Medvode, Mengeš, Moravče, Škofljica and Trzin.