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Regional Guarantee Scheme in the Ljubljana Urban Region


Ministry of Economic Development and Technology

Project purpose and aims:

The aim of the scheme is to promote the development of the small and medium-sized economy and entrepreneurial activities, increase investment activities in the Central Slovenia region, reduce unemployment, establish opportunities for the restructuring of the regional economy, facilitate access to loans for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises by reducing banking requirements for securing loans, etc.

The scheme is aimed at economic operators working and investing in the territory of the municipalities of the Central Slovenia statistical region. The statistical region covers the following municipalities: Borovnica, Brezovica, Dobrepolje, Dobrova–Polhov Gradec, Dol pri Ljubljani, Domžale, Grosuplje, Horjul, Ig, Ivančna Gorica, Kamnik, Komenda, City of Ljubljana, Logatec, Log–Dragomer, Lukovica, Medvode, Mengeš, Moravče, Škofljica, Šmartno pri Litiji, Trzin, Velike Lašče, Vodice, Vrhnika.

The total guarantee potential of the Regional Guarantee Scheme (RGS) in the Central Slovenia region amounts to €1,125,000.00 and is offered on the basis of a long-term financial investment of the Slovenian Regional Development Fund, which on the date of publication of this call for proposals amounts to €562,500.00, and an envisaged multiplier of 4 for bank loans. The call will remain open until the funds are spent or until 15 May 2018 at the latest.

Beneficiaries can obtain a guarantee in the amount of 50% to 80% of an approved bank loan. The lowest loan amount is €8,000, while the highest amount is €500,000 for investments and €200,000 for working capital. The RGS operates according to the de minimis principle. Interest rates and loan approval and management costs vary from bank to bank (interest rate from 1.85% to 2.13% + 6-month EURIBOR).

Around 20 guarantees for bank loans are expected to be granted to enterprises in the Central Slovenia region.

Project partners:

  • Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR)
  • Slovenian Regional Development Fund


Total project value: €800,000.00

RRA LUR value: €200,000.00

EU co-financing: €0.00

Time frame:

27 May 2015–31 December 2025