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LinkingAlps: Innovative Tools and Strategies for Linking Mobility Services for a Decarbonised Alpine space

  • LinkingAlps - Interreg Europe


Interreg Alpin Space

Purpose and goal of the project:

The main objective of LinkingAlps is to foster the shift from motorized individual transport towards low carbon mobility options such as public transport, railways and alternative modes of transport like on-demand transport. By using innovative tools and transnationally aligned strategies for linking information mobility service, the options for low carbon mobility will be increased, by offering seamless mobility chains for passenger. Mobility information services and travel information across borders, operators and modes will be shared within the project partners, to offer the best option for the end user.

Expected project results:

Main result is increased usage of sustainable mobility through easier access to high-quality travel information and seamless routing information (door-to-door) across borders, operators and modes in the AS (which is enabled through novel technologies). LinkingAlps will result in harmonised, organisational and operational elements (i.e. standards, procedures) for linking the low carbon mobility information services.

It will foster alternative multimodal mobility by providing seamless travel chains (going beyond the own region’s mobility options) through easer accessible information. Finally, an increased number of interoperable, inter-linked mobility information services across the AS area will foster the modal shift and exploitation of PT.

Project partners:

  • AustriaTech – Federal Agency for technological measures ltd., Austria (lead partner)
  • South Tyrolean Transport Structures, Italy
  • LINKS Foundation- Leading Innovation & Knowledge for Society, Italy
  • Traffic Information Austria, Austria
  • ARIA Lombardia S.p.A. (Regional Agency for Innovation and Purchasing Ltd), Italy
  • Consulting company for control, information and computer technology GmbH, Germany
  • Transport Association of Tyrol Ltd., Austria
  • Centre For Studies and Expertise on Risks, Environment, Mobility, and Urban and Country planning, France
  • Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy
  • Swiss Federal Railways, Switzerland
  • Federal Office of Transport, Switzerland
  • Transport and Energy agency Canton Grison, Switzerland
  • Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region, Slovenia
  • University of Maribor, Slovenia


Total budget of the project: 3.220.845,00 EUR

Budget of the RRA LUR: 192.049,10 EUR

EU co-financing (85 %): 163.241,70 EUR

RRA LUR co-financing (15 %): 28.807,40 EUR

Project duration:

1st October 2019 – 30th September 2022