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SPOT IO: Investment Opportunities in the Ljubljana Urban Region


Within the Public Agency for Enterprise, Internationalisation, Foreign Investments and Technology (Spirit) we are implementing a Regional Stewardship project covering the area of internationalisation and foreign direct investment.

The aim of the project is to identify, catalogue, collate, regularly update and also present and communicate data or information on investment opportunities in the region, specifically with regard to:

  • regional/local strategic documents (strategies, urban masterplan, detailed municipal spatial plans, etc.),
  • business zones and other zones (activities, expansions, occupation, equipment, management, etc.),
  • foreign investment in the region,
  • structure of the business environment (businesses, dominant sectors, products and services, B2B, B2C, position and role in supply chains, etc.),
  • promising sectors, businesses and projects,
  • top businesses in the region (domestic or foreign – with estimate of development potential),
  • promising start-ups/scale-ups,
  • development projects in businesses (investment opportunities),
  • businesses with export potential (businesses that do not currently export and have the potential to become exporters and businesses that already export and have the potential to grow exports),
  • potential markets for these businesses.

The aim of the project is to collect all key information on investment opportunities in the region in a centralised database, where it will be accessible to all potential investors and other interested parties in a suitable form. In order to ensure the suitable transfer of data, regional stewards will also conduct activities aimed at promoting investment opportunities and the business environment and the tasks of regional stewards themselves. In this way they will contribute to raising competences in the fields of internationalisation and foreign direct investment at the regional level and consequently increase the number of realised investments, jobs and export-oriented businesses.

Project duration: July 1st 2020 – July 31st 2023