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CREA – Summer Academy

  • Crea - summer academy
  • Startup Europe
  • UNI LJ - Fakulteta za računalništvo in informatiko

Network of summer academies for the  improvement of entrepreneurship in innovative sectors and the development of an ICT business idea contest




The objective of CREA was to promote ICT development and creativity as new drivers able to produce specific structural changes and arrangements in the European entrepreneurial base, to influence the future paths of social change and innovation to a large extent.

There was an increasing emphasis in modern society on strengthening the use of ICT–‐based configurations and services and creativity as a means to accomplish the necessary changes, thus innovating.


Creation European wide system of Summer Academies for university and last year High school students entirely focused on ICT entrepreneurship.

Creation of a model of Summer Academy action oriented with a strong focus on ICT and Entrepreneurial skills development and a rich offer of mentoring, support for business planning, matchmaking opportunities and generation of ICT related business idea.

Development of new start up business ideas boosting on ICT and creativity.

Organizing and promoting ICT business idea contests   addressed to University and high–‐school students.

Project partners

Slovenian project partner: 

Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR), University of Ljubljana, Faculty for Computer  and Information Science (UL, FRI)

Lead partner:

Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI), Italy

Other partners:

BWCON GMBH, Germany, Panepistimio Aigaiou (UAEGEAN),  Greece,  University of Northumbrai at Newcastle (UNN), United Kingdom, Stiching hogeschool Voor de Kunsten Utrecht, Netherlands, University of Ljubljana (UL), Slovenia, Erasmust Student nNetwork Italia,  Italy, Sihtasutus Tallinna Ettevotlusinkubaatorid (TBI),  Estonia.


Total budget: 1.559.422,00 EUR

Cofinancing of RRA LUR: 114.501,05 EUR

Cofinancing EU for RRA LUR: 114.501,05 EUR (100 %)

Project duration

1st January 2014 – 31th April  2017