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FORTIS: Innovative Solutions to Foster Institutional Cooperation in Cross Border Regions

  • Interreg FORTIS - Italia Slovenija



Purpose and goal of the project:

The FORTIS project aims to develop innovative solutions that would improve the daily lives of residents of cross-border areas and promote inter-institutional dialogue on two main topics:

  • improving the public local transport system for cross-border integration and better knowledge and exchange of good practices in administrative procedures,
  • getting to know different legal frameworks in the field of vehicle registration and driving licenses.

Expected project results:

Analysis of existing public transport connections along the border, on the basis of which innovative solutions for the improvement of public transport in the cross-border area will be identified and tested.

Implementation of pilot measures (extension of the existing bus line Koper – Milje, Koper – Trieste, promotion of integrated bus transport between Italy and Slovenia with additional services (e.g. daily bus ticket between Trieste and Ljubljana, discounts on museum tickets, etc.) and sea connection to cross-border area).

Carrying out a case study on administrative and legislative procedures in the field of vehicle registration and driving license procedures.

In cooperation with the main stakeholders in public transport in the cross-border area, a cooperation agreement will be concluded with the aim of further promoting public transport and intermodality in the border area.

Project partners:

  • Central European Initiative (CEI) Executive Secretariat – Lead Partner, Italy
  • Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia (RFVG), Italy
  • Unioncamere del Veneto – Eurosportello (UCV), Italy
  • Municipality of Koper (IOC), Slovenia
  • Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR), Slovenia


Total value of the project: 759.290,00 EUR

Total project value for RRA LUR: 130.275,00 EUR

EU co-financing (85 %): 110.733,75 EUR

RRA LUR co-financing (15 %): 19.541,25 EUR

Project duration:

1st March 2020 – 28th February 2022