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CINEMA: Creative Industries for New Urban Economies in the Danube Region



Interreg Danube

Purpose and goal:

CINEMAs objective is to improve the innovative framework conditions for creative industries and urban regeneration in the Danube Region, by developing and testing innovative model, tools and services based on cross-fertilisation and start-up actions among CI and the urban economy sectors like retail and small businesses. CINEMA will build capacities and foster the cooperation of all actors and stakeholders in order to sustainably improve the framework conditions for innovation for CI and urban economies. The CINEMA quadruple helix partnership will act as a policy driver to improve transnational dialogue and cooperation on institutional & policy level, especially amongmunicipalities & city administration in the Danube Region.

Expected results:

CINEMA partnership of municipalities, BSO, SMEs, creatives and NGOs will:

  • develop a three roadmaps to support the shaping of new & restructuring of old urban economies meeting environmental & social challenges of the DR like revitalisation of abandoned buildings and deserted city centres
  • develop tools & services for BSO & policy makers to improve the capacities for innovation among CI and urban economy sectors with strong focus on start-up activities
  • pilot all tools to bring creative spirit & innovation to urban economy sectors and initialise 5 cross-sectoral collaboration projects and establish 4 CI support centres
  • build a sustainable network of key actors in urban develeopment
  • prepare a set of transnational policy recommendations including 9 local action plans

Project partners:

  • Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban rergion (RRA LUR)
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia LP CCIS (GZS) (lead partner)
  • Creative Industry Košice, Slovakia
  • Agency for the Support of Regional Development Košice, Slovakia
  • Stuttgart Media University, Germany
  • Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation, Germany
  • West Regional Development Agency, Romania
  • Resita Municipality ERDF PP7 Resita RO, Romania
  • Regional Development Agency with Business Support Centre for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Bulgary
  • Studio Komplekt, Bulgary
  • Business Upper Austria – OÖ Wirtschaftsagentur GmbH, Austria
  • Regional Development Agency Backa, Serbia
  • North Regional Development Agency, Moldova
  • CIMA Consulting and Management, Austria
  • City of Sombor, Serbia
  • Gabrovo Municipality, Bulgary
  • City of Leonding, Austria


Total budget: 2.204.823,50 EUR

Budget for RRA LUR: 166.725,00 EUR

EU Co-financing for RRA LUR (85 %): 141.716,25 EUR

RRA LUR Co-financing (15 %): 25.008,25 EUR

Project duration:

1st July 2020 – 31st December 2022