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CCAlps: creating a real and virtual network of hubs in the Alps, putting creativity and innovation at the centre

Creative companies of Alpine Space


Alpine space

Objectives and goals of the project

The main objective of the project was to create a real and virtual network of hubs in the Alps, putting creativity and innovation at the centre and enabling to focus on specific issues and opportunities for local and transnational development. The project aimed at increasing the participation of Creative Industries in the socio-economical development of the area. Moreover the project connected and created collaboration between Creative Industries, SMEs and R&TD institutions, to promote scientific research and to build knowledge exchange and technology transfer tools, but still using a bottom up approach (typical in collaborative networks of creative industries).

Project results

  • Virtual Platform (web 2.0) : where each national hub is connected with a transnational network. The platform contains interactive maps for the comprehension of the relationship between sectors of SMEs, creative companies, local institutions and universities. The platform is directly connected with existing national platforms.
  • Events: dissemination activities through the strong relation with policy makers.
  • Transnational meta-hubs: transnational maps of creative industries connected with SMEs, research centers and local institutions.
  • Pilot projects: Creative Camp with involved CCIs, SMEs, local institutions and universities in a real project. Creative Camp included different activities: qualification, design and dissemination. The results were new services or new strategies for the hub and the transnational policy.

Project partners

Slovenian project partner:

Regional Developement Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region

Other project partners:

ITALY/Milano/Lombardy Region – General Directorate for Culture (lead partner), ITALY/Torino/Piedmont Region, GERMANY/Stuttgart/MFG Public Innovation Agency for ICT and Media, FRANCE/ Lyon/Chamber of Commerce and IndustryPP2 – Aufbauwerk Region Leipzig, Germany, AUSTRIA/Salzburg/Regional Developement Agency, FRANCE/Nice/Chamber of Comerce and Industry, FRANCE/Mulhouse/University-Institute of applied science.

Non EU project partners:

SWITZERLAND/Canobbio/University-Institute of applied science


Total budget: 2.921.660 EUR

RRA LUR budget: 186.300,00 EUR

EU cofinancing: 141.588,00 EUR (76 %)

RRA LUR cofinancing: 44.712,00 EUR (24 %)

Project duration

1 October 2011 – 30 July 2014