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RAIL4SEE: Railway Hub Cities in the South East Europe

  • South east Europe
  • Naložba v vašo prihodnost

Railway Hub Cities: an essential part of transport networks in the South East Europe

The main purpose of the RAIL4SEE project, which was implemented under the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme, was the integration of different transport levels for better connectivity in Southeast Europe.

In LUR, we carried out the following activities to improve the state of railway passenger transport:

  • We checked the quality of passenger information. At the stations and stops of the city and intercity bus and train, we checked the equipment that informs passengers about timetables, the possibility of switching to other public means of transport, etc. and prepared a list of concrete proposals to improve travel.
  • We have identified the conditions for the introduction of a single ticket at the national and transnational levels.
  • We made an analysis of the timetable harmonization at intermodal stations and stops and an analysis of international services, where we checked the railway connections between Slovenia and nearby railway hubs (Klagenfurt, Graz, Vienna, Zagreb, Rijeka, Budapest, Trieste, Venice). Based on the latter, the Slovenian and Croatian Railways signed an agreement on the harmonization of timetables on the line Trieste – Ljubljana – Zagreb, which represents an important step forward in improving passenger services for railway transport.

Project partners

The project involved 27 project partners from 11 urban railway hubs in Southeast Europe. The Ljubljana railway hub was represented by the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region, a Slovenian partner in the RAIL4SEE project.


Total budget:  4,826,900.00 EUR

Budget for RRA LUR:  191,500.00 EUR

EU co-financing:  162,775.00 EUR (85 %),

RRA LUR co-financing:  28,725.00 EUR (15 %).

Project duration

May 2012 – September 2014 (extended until December 2014)