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Prize for the “Set of parlour games for elderly dementia sufferers/D9” project

  • 13. 11. 2015
Prize for the “Set of parlour games for elderly dementia sufferers/D9” project

Photo: Franci Virant

Every year the Designers Society of Slovenia awards “Design Superlatives” prizes to high-quality design products. Among the winners at this year’s ceremony, which took place yesterday at Cankarjev Dom, was a project called “Set of parlour games for elderly dementia sufferers/D9”, created in collaboration with RRA LUR.

This project combines a finished design solution and work in the fields of design theory and criticism and specialised writing, since we developed it to the working prototype phase in partnership with the Pekinpah Association, Studio Miklavc, design students and various social care institutions. At the same time the lecturers and authors Barbara Predan and Petra Černe Oven succeeded, via a presentation of the project and an article in the conference publication, in including the project in the programme of the Design4Health conference, one of the most important European conferences on the links between health and design that brings together experts from all over the world (including Australia, Japan and the USA).

The “D9” parlour games project has a varied history and actually began in the context of the Ljubljana Creative Camps which the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region organised as part of the EU project CCALps. We should mention that a further 13 innovative services in the healthcare and sustainable transport fields were developed during the Ljubljana Creative Camps, among them the award-winning mobile app “A to B: Ljubljana”. The unexpected positive dimensions of the Ljubljana Creative Camps were undoubtedly mainly due to the strong cooperative element and the partnership with the Pekinpah Association (Barbara Predan and Petra Černe Oven), combined with ambitious goals, well thought out concepts and the inclusion of a wide range of experts from the very beginning (quality of life consultants Papilot, the Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases at Ljubljana University Medical Centre, the Rheumatism Association of Slovenia, public transport operator LPP, etc.).

More about the “Set of parlour games for elderly dementia sufferers/D9” project