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About us

The Regional  Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR) is a development agency that connects the 25 municipalities of the region, including the capital city Ljubljana. Through its connecting role, it also exercises a positive influence beyond the borders of the region. Through a variety of activities and projects, we facilitate a shift to a wider circle of local, regional, national and European stakeholders. Interdisciplinary skills and a committed team of experts enable us to transform the challenges of the future into development opportunities that will contribute to a better quality of life and a responsible and innovative society working for the good of people and the environment. We are confidently and reliably paving the way for development by providing resources, representing interests, and above all, creating new opportunities. As an active instigator of social innovations, we help realise these opportunities by participating in the formulation of strategies, strategic documents and business models and by implementing projects that often serve as a proving ground for various models and solutions, the further implementation of which has great development potential. We actively spread knowledge and experience and, by understanding the needs of individuals and society, facilitate positive changes.

Among the most important objectives of the RDA are the balanced economic development of the region; the prudent use of natural resources, energy and space; sustainable mobility; the exploitation of creative potential; and the accessibility of user-friendly public services. It is successfully achieving these objectives through the development of mechanisms and business models based on interdisciplinarity, knowledge, creativity and innovation.

In the international environment, the RRA LUR is a synonym for expertise and innovative projects. It is a respected partner of international institutions, with which it cooperates on a wide range of development projects. It thus promotes the region at both the national and the international level. It is responsible for the successful communication of development projects both at home and abroad and provides information about investment and employment opportunities throughout the region.

RRA LUR is the body responsible for planning and preparing the Regional Development Programme (RDP). By connecting the local, regional and national levels and planning and implementing regional and international development programmes, it also looks after its implementation. The RDP defines the strategic focuses and development goals of the region, along with the resources for their realisation, in each EU financial perspective. At the same time it represents a set of guidelines for the work of the RRA LUR.