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Sustainable Urban Future Through Management of Drought and Conserving Wetlands


Town Twinning between Turkey and EU – II (Twinning for a Green Future) Grant Scheme (TTGS-II)


The overall objective of the project is to create common and sustainable ground between Izmir and Ljubljana through improving dialogue, increasing capacity, and exchanging know-how for both cities in terms of coping with drought, drought-related issues and wetlands.

Droughts are expected to get more frequent, intense, and longer-lasting due to climate change. The Gediz Delta in Izmir, the project implementation area in Turkey, is a wet-land of international importance and a home to thousands of living beings. Extreme water scarcity is expected as soon as at the end of this century. Slovenia is on the other hand facing an increasing number of wildfires, floods and agricultural droughts, which will, according to projections, continue in the future. The Ljubljana marsh as a delicate natural ecosystem on the brink of a vast urban area and a valuable farming area of the city of Ljubljana in need of a plan for draught management.

Expected results:

We plan to reach the project goals through five specific objectives and consequent results:

  • To enhance adaptation and resilience of Izmir and Ljubljana against the negative effects of drought;
  • To create local, regional and sector based strategies and future projections against drought through using existing data;
  • To develop a concrete and sustainable network between two cities in terms of creating Action Plan;
  • To promote the importance of Gediz Delta and wet-lands;
  • To increase the knowledge level of farmers, public, students related to effects of drought and wet-lands.

Project partners:

  • City of Ljubljana
  • Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR)
  • Doğa Derneği
  • Köy Koop
  • DOPPS – BirdLife Slovenia


Total budget: 116.055,52 EUR

Budget for RRA LUR: 31.784,33 EUR

Financing EU for RRA LUR (100 %): 31.784,33 EUR

Project duration:

  1. november 2023 – 30. oktober 2023

The project is funded by the European Union. The contents of this webpage are the sole responsibility of RRA LUR and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.