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International Networking


Since 2019, RRA LUR has been a full member of the European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA), in which it liaises with various partners and follows calls for new projects.
Founded in 1992, the European Association of Development Agencies gathers people working on economic development through a large network of 76 members throughout 22 countries in the European Union and beyond.The EURADA network connects its members with all kind of economic development practitioners such as RDAs, business partners and European authorities.


RDA LUR participates in the activities of the EUROCITIES network through the Municipality of Ljubljana. It is a network of 130 of Europe’s largest cities and 40 partner cities, located in 35 countries.

The network was founded in 1986 by the cities of Barcelona, Birmingham, Frankfurt, Lyon, Milan and Rotterdam to reinforce the role and importance of local governments in a multi-level governance structure.

Slovenian Business and Research Association (SBRA)

RDA LUR hastakes part in numerous European projects, develops and fosters partnerships at the European Union level, acquires information on the latest developments in other European regions and institutions, participates in events such as EU Design Days and the days of regions and cities (Open Days) in Brussels, thus upgrading its knowledge and skills, while transferring its own good practices to partner institutions.

European Association Of Mutual Guarantee Societies (membership through the Association of Regional Development Agencies (RRA GIZ))

Being a member of the Association of Regional Development Agencies of Slovenia (RRA GIZ), RDA LUR is also a member of the European Association of Mutual Guarantee Societies. Through the latter, it provides support to small and medium enterprises by enabling loans for the realisation of their business plans that would otherwise remain out of their reach.

Bureau of European Design Associations (BEDA)

RDA LUR is especially active in the Bureau of European Design Associations – the greatest representative body of design in Europe. Through this association, the agency strengthens its partnerships both with the members from 25 European states and other organisations active in the area of creative industries.

With the help of the association’s network, the agency extensively contributes to the promotion of the value of design and innovations in European business. Moreover, it supports the efforts to bring design into the focus of enterprises, and governmental and EU institutions with the purpose of influencing policies in a way that would benefit the design sector and the residents of Europe.

Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN)

RDA LUR participates in the work of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, launched in 2012 by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Together with universities, research institutes, civil society, foundations and other organisations holding significant expert knowledge about sustainable development, the agency provides the latter at the local, national and global levels. Among other things, the agency also fights poverty and social exclusion and works towards the conservation of the planet through sound public and private governance.

European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN) (membership through the Slovenian Business & Research Organisation (SBRA))

RDA LUR intensely cooperates with the European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN), which promotes collaboration, exchanges of knowledge and understanding among European regions and their stakeholders in the field of research and innovation with the aim of strengthening regional research and innovation capacities. The network includes more than 90 regions of the European Union and their representative offices in Brussels. In addition to project partnerships, it also supports its members in engaging with and shaping policies at the EU level and ensuring their accordance with regional challenges.

Technology Innovation International (TII)

As a TII member, RDA LUR supports the development of the knowledge economy by promoting innovations and technology transfers to firms. The network brings together consultants from the area of innovations, technology development and intellectual property, universities, research centres, regional development agencies, chambers of economy, science centres, incubators, government institutions, and other expert organisations.

CIVINET Slovenia & Croatia

RDA LUR is a member of the CIVINET Slovenia & Croatia network that deals with sustainable transport and mobility in the Slovenian and Croatian partner cities as well as in the wider region of southeast Europe. The network’s activities involve improving public transport accessibility and the conditions for cycling and walking, facilitating transferring to sustainable modes of transport and reducing pollution with greenhouse gases, noise and the like. The network connects with other CIVITAS networks and the European Commission. It also supports communications with competent ministries in partner states, research institutions, interest groups, non-governmental organisations and other stakeholders.

Living Lab InnoRenew

RDA LUR is a gold member of the Living Lab InnoRenew. The Living Lab connects more than 80 members from over 20 countries.

The Living Lab was established under the InnoRenew CoE project, with RDA LUR as a partner, and is a part of InnoRenew Center of Excellence, established in Izola.

The Living Lab provides an opportunity for members to jointly develop new ideas, products, and services, to build an international network, for hands-on training and workshops, to collaborate and interact with the InnoRenew CoE and other partners, and to learn about the latest research and developments in the field with the aim to revitalise the forest sector in Slovenia.