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Creative Startup

  • Creative Startup
  • SI-HR Evropsko teritorialno sodelovanje
  • Naložba v vašo prihodnost

Strenghtening the entrepreneurial capacity in Creative Industries sector on crossborder area


Operational program Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance Slovenia-Croatia 2007–2013 (IPA).

Main objectives of the project:

The overall objective of the project was to develop global competitiveness of creative entrepreneurship at the Slovenia – Croatia cross-border area. The aim was realized through the intermediary of improving the competitiveness of creative start – ups.

Specific cross-border goal was to create and implement joint cross-border management system with an aim to increase their global competitiveness at the Slovenia – Croatia and other EU markets. This was achieved by following:

  • to raise the awareness of the creative industries sector,
  • educate and inform on how to increase competitiveness , taking into account current scientific and technological trends,
  • build partnerships through the creation of a joint strategy of development of creative industries sector in the Slovenia – Croatia cross-border area , as well as on the EU markets.
  • promote products and services for target groups , as well as the results of the project.


  • 300 educated and informed creative start – ups,
  • 100 presented creative entrepreneurs on crossborder area,
  • 2500 persons of general public informed about the CI sector and project activities.

Lead partner:

Town of Rijeka

Regional Development Agency Porin, Croatian Chamber of Commerce Hrvaška, Academy of Fine Arts Rijeka, Faculty of Design, University of Primorska, Science and research centre(UP SRC), Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region


Total budget: 408.873,46 €

Total EU cofinancing (85 %): 347.542,44 €

Cofinancing of project partners  (15  %): 61.331,02 €

Cofinancing EU za RRA LUR: 42.372,60 €

Cofinancing RRA LUR: 7.477,52 €

Total RRA LUR budget: 49.850,12 €

Project duration:

1st January 2014 – 17th March 2015

Project leader:

Tina Pezdirc Nograšek

Project team:

Aidan Cerar, second project manager

Iris Koleša, second project manager

Mojca Resinovič, finance manager