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Inter-Connect: Promoting intermodality and revitalizing rail passenger transport in the Adriatic-Ioninan macro-region



Purpose and goal of the project:

The Inter-Connect project aims to improve the accessibility of countries in the Adriatic-Ionian macro-region. It will encourage the participation of key stakeholders at all levels (local, national, transnational) in the formulation and implementation of a common strategy for the development of alternatives to road passenger transport, rail, and maritime transport.

The project will contribute to the development of intermodal public transport with an emphasis on rail and maritime passenger transport by:

  • Identification of key players in mobility planning and the establishment of a collaborative environment where experience and knowledge will be exchanged,
  • Developing a common understanding of needs, challenges, opportunities and treatment of the area and reaching agreement between stakeholders on mobility planning (ADRION intermodality action plan based on understanding of real needs and flow analysis, detailed action plan based on case analysis),
  • Creating a strategic framework to strengthen intermodality in the area and training relevant authorities on how to implement and finance measures that will contribute to the sustainable development of the Adriatic-Ionian macro-region (preparation of a strategy for interconnection with measures in a hierarchical order).

Project partners:

  • Municipality of Igoumenica – Lead Partner, Greece
  • Hellas Research and Technology Center (CERTH), Greece
  • Institute of Transport and Logistics (ITL), Italy
  • Region Emilia-Romagna (RER), Italy
  • Executive Secretariat of the Central European Initiative (CEI), Italy
  • Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region, Slovenia
  • Croatian Railways, Passenger Transport, Croatia
  • Port of Bar, Montenegro
  • Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, Albania,
  • Serbian Chamber of Commerce – Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, Serbia.


Total value of the project: 1,604,192.40 EUR

ERDF, IPAII co-financing (85 %): 1,363,563.51 EUR

Project value for RDA LUR: 183,320.00 EUR

ERDF co-financing (85 %): 155,822.00 EUR

Own funds: 27,498.00 EUR

Project duration:

1st January 2018 – 31st December 2020