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RCKE: Regional Centre of Creative Economy

Promoting the development of the creative economy at the regional level and connecting the economy with the creative industries

The RCKE project was a continuation and upgrade of the activities of the Regional Creative Economy Centre, which has begun its activities in 2011 within the international project Creative Cities (Creative Cities, Central Europe Programme).

RCKE has actively contributed to increasing the business skills of creative actors and the added value that the economy creates due to the inclusion of creative industries (CI) in its processes and products. The regional centre acts as a point of connection within CI (networking), and at the same time promotes interdisciplinary networking and cooperation of CI with various experts involved in the process of developing new products and services for higher competitiveness of companies in the region (value chains). Through education, workshops, counselling, and other events, RCKE motivated and trained creative people, entrepreneurs, decision-makers and policy makers, research and educational institutions and non-governmental organizations for their more successful and efficient (co)operation.

The purposes and goals of the project were:

  • Stimulating the economy (classical sectors) in introducing creativity into their primary activities. The aim was therefore to connect the economy with creative activities to increase the added value and competitive advantage of final products and services.
  • Support for creative companies in entering the market or later specialization.
  • Regeneration of degraded spaces to provide spatial support to the creative economy in the local sense.

All goals were achieved.

Project partners

Lead partner

Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region

Other partners

City of Ljubljana, Municipality of Dobrova – Polhov Gradec, Municipality of Trzin


  • Total Budget: EUR 407,344.50
  • ERDF co-financing: EUR 303,960.15
  • Co-financing of participating municipalities: EUR 103,384.35

Project duration

21st December 2012 – 28th May 2015