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TRIBUTE: Sustainable mobility services tailored to users’ needs



Interreg Danube

Purpose and goal of the project:

The aim of the project is to adapt innovative sustainable mobility measures to the current demographic situation and trends. In cooperation with the project partner City of Ljubljana, project introduces innovative and efficient urban transport solutions adapted to the needs of elderly citizens as well as residents and visitors of the Ljubljana urban region.

Current demographic trends of Slovenia and all-over Europe clearly indicate a noticeable trend of population aging. On generally, the elderly population has a reduced access to transport services and is, at the same time, the most frequent user of health services. Within TRIBUTE project, entitled “Promoting integrated and innovative solutions to improve sustainable urban mobility in urban areas”, the City of Ljubljana is, in cooperation with the RDA LUR and other actors, implementing a pilot project of free on-call transport in the University Medical Centre Ljubljana and the Ljubljana Oncology Institute. This enables easier access to clinics in the area, especially for the elderly and people with reduced mobility. The main goal of the project is to improve urban transport by introducing more efficient transport services and solutions that are adapted to the new habits and needs of citizens.

In the entire area of ​​the University Medical Center Ljubljana and the Oncology Institute Ljubljana, the project provides free transport with “Klinko Kavalir”, which will be intended primarily for the elderly and people with mobility and sensory impairments who come for medical treatment.

The role of the RRA LUR includes a strategic and advisory role in partnership meetings. It will participate in discussions of measures in the field of sustainable mobility within Ljubljana urban region and City of Ljubljana. RRA LUR will widely promote FORTIS project activities.

Project partners:

  • Politecnico Milano, Italy (leading partner)
  • Capital City Podgorica, Montenegro
  • City of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • City of Maribor, Slovenia
  • City of Novi Sad-City Administration for Traffic and Roads, Srbia
  • City of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • City of Zagreb, Croatia
  • Municipality of Milan, Italy
  • Municipality of Patras, Greece


3.269.400,00 EUR (RRA LUR is associated partner to the City of Ljubljana)

Project duration:

1st of January 2021 – 3rd of June 2023