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Peripheral Access: Transnational cooperation and partnership for better public transport in peripheral and cross-border regions


Interreg Central Europe

Purpose and goal of the project:

Peripheral Access was an Interreg project under Interreg Central Europe, of which RRA LUR was an associated partner. The project focused on peripheral areas such as rural, remotely located or border regions. Scarcely populated, these regions face similar challenges throughout Central Europe: poor public transport connections, small budgets, demographic change, and high levels of unsustainable, exclusive, and costly private car use.

Within the project’s framework, nine partners analysed this situation, derived concrete action plans, and implemented innovative pilot actions in three fields of action: multimodality and integrated transport; enhanced use of intelligent communication technology and intelligent technology system; and better cooperation through transport associations and cross-border marketing.

The results have benefited public transport users, planners and decision makers and stimulated changes in mobility behaviour.

Project partners:

  • German Association for Housing, Urban Development and Spatial Affairs, Germany
  • Authority for local public transport Vogtland, Germany
  • Venice International University, Italy
  • Trieste Trasporti P.L.C., Italy
  • Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region, Slovenia
  • Institute for Transport Sciences Non Profit Ltd, Hungary
  • Municipality of Lubin, Poland
  • Region of Lubin, Poland
  • KORDIS JMK, Czecs Republic
  • Regional Management Metropolitan Area of Styria Ltd, Austria


Total budget of the project: 2.062.228,06 EUR

Budget for the RRA LUR: 133.498,27 EUR

EU co-financing (85 %): 113.498,27 EUR

RRA LUR co-financing: 20.029,11 EUR

Project duration:

1st June 2017 – 31st May 2020