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Invitation to the online OJP4EUROPE meeting

  • 14. 9. 2021

RRA LUR as a partner of the OJP4Danube and LinkingAlps projects invites you to the OJP4EUROPE meeting which will take place on September 22nd via Zoom.

Over the last years the relevance of the OJP (Open Journey Planner) standard as enabling tool to connect Europe has rapidly gained momentum.

To foster knowledge exchange and strengthen the collaboration between the key OJP-based journey planning networks across Europe and even beyond, AustriaTech (lead partner of OJP4Danube and LInkngAlps projects) is organising the OJP4Europe meeting. OJP4Europe meeting is a cross-project meeting, which will bring together the consortia of the Interreg projects OJP4Danube and LinkingAlps as well as involve representatives of EU-Spirit.