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Tools for better management and financing of cultural heritage

  • 14. 10. 2020

Partnerji projekta ForHeritage so 14. oktobra 2020 na virtualnem dogodku predstavili šest orodij za boljše upravljanje in financiranje kulturne dediščineOn 14 October 2020, the ForHeritage project partners presented six tools for better management and financing of cultural heritage at a virtual event.

The tools cover the following areas: (1) participatory governance, (2) public – private partnerships, (3) financial instruments for cultural heritage, (4) pilot projects in the field of cultural heritage, (5) organization and implementation of successful training, and (6) impact assessment of cultural heritage projects. All tools and short presentations of these are available here.

The tools were briefly presented at the event, and in the next phase of the project, the partners want to test – together with and stakeholders – their applicability in practice. Therefore, you are kindly invited to read and submit your opinion and recommendations for possible improvements regarding the comprehensibility of the tools (one or more tools), their usefulness in practice – in your work and the importance of the topics covered, as we will further upgrade the tools according to your responses and testing at selected pilot sites in four Central European cities – Cuneo (IT), Ljubljana (SI), Rijeka (HR) and Szczecin (PL).

Please send your feedback to Nataša Mršol, ForHeritage Project Manager at RRA LUR, (