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Third Interactive Interregional Learning Session of STAR Cities project this time virtually

  • 2. 11. 2020

From 20 to 22 October 2020, the third Interactive Interregional Learning Session for partners and stakeholders took place within the activities of the STAR Cities project. The main theme of the event was “Tourism Products and Marketing”. The three-day event included presentations of selected good practices from partner cities and regions and a thematic workshop.

The first day six good practices from project partners and stakeholders were presented, related to the subthemes “Accessibility and Mobility” and “Innovative Tourism Products”.

On the second day participants researched and discussed the subthemes “Public Private Partnership” and “Marketing and Communication” as partners and stakeholders presented six new good practices. RRA LUR presented portal Let’s go…!, an online guide to cycling, hiking and running trails in Ljubljana Urban Region, based on good cooperation among eight municipalities (The City of Ljubljana and municipalities Domžale, Grosuplje, Medvode, Mengeš, Moravče, Škofljica and Trzin).

The third Interactive Interregional Learning Session was concluded with a thematic workshop with all participants divided into four groups according to subthemes of presented good practices (“Accessibility and Mobility”, “Innovative Tourism Products”, “Public Private Partnership” and “Marketing and Communication”). The discussion took place both on the presented good practices of the previous two days and more broadly on the subthemes themselves. The starting points of the discussion were: what inspired me the most about good practice, what are the key lessons learnt, the possibility of transferring good practices to other regions. We also talked about the main challenges. The results and conclusions of the workshop will be published on our project website.

More information: Nataša Mršol,