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The Report on National and Regional Procedures and the Legislative Framework for the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is now available

  • 11. 5. 2021

During this first year of the FORTIS project, the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia has promoted dialogue between the main Italian and Slovenian stakeholders within the field of private and public transport, which has enabled the exchange of good practices and an in-depth analysis of the legislation currently in force.

On this basis, the report on national and regional procedures was drawn up, covering the legislative framework on private and public transport, focusing on four main aspects:

1. Driving licence – Driver training: An analysis of the hierarchical structure of legislation (EU-ITA-SLO). EU Community and National regulations, possible discrepancies or contrasts;
2. The Department of Private and Public Transport: vehicle registration (HGVs); procedure, registration authorities, documentation required; methods to interrupt vehicle circulation on roads (EU-ITA-SLO levels).
3. The management of emergency situations, with specific regard to health issues, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and their effects on traffic (EU-ITA-SLO levels);
4. Focus on cross-border Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGVs) traffic flows: The cross-border relationship between Italy and Slovenia.

The report can be found here.