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The latest newsletter of the Inter-Connect project

  • 15. 3. 2021

Inter-ConectThe Inter-Connect project deals with improving the accessibility of countries within the Adriatic-Ionian region. In the past days, the latest newsletter was issued, in which you can read about the activities carried out in the final phase of the project.

The newsletter presents a joint document (Policy Paper and Roadmap) created during the project, where the analysis of the current situation in the field of intermodality planning is presented. Also a collection of recommendations, experiences and requirements made by stakeholders and passengers, as well as proposals for improving the situation in in the field of intermodality are made available.

In the final phase Inter-Connect project, in addition to some other projects operating in the Adriatic-Ionian region (INTER-PASS, EnerMOB, SMILE), was involved in the preparation of a thematic set of activities on improving passenger transport Intermodality in the Adriatic Ionian region. The role of the Inter-Connect project in this set of activities was to coordinate the activities. Its purpose was primarily to exchange knowledge and previous experience in the field of sustainable mobility and review opportunities for improving accessibility in countries within the Adriatic – Ionian region.

In the newsletter you can also read about the final conference, which took place online in December 2020. The conference was attended by more than 40 participants, and its purpose was mainly to exchange knowledge and good practices of participants with other projects in the ADRION program area.

At the end of the newsletter, you are invited to read about the main results, which are the result of three years of cross boarders’ collaboration on the passenger’s intermodality promotion.

All partners in the Inter-Connect project believe that the results of the project will reach beyond by capitalizing upon the already tangible outputs while also presenting added value to the new Programming Period.


The newsletter can be found here.