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The Inter-Connect project participates in thematic cluster on urban and interurban low carbon intermodal mobility for passengers

  • 17. 11. 2020

As part of the ADRION program, in which INTER-PASS, ENERMOB, SMILE and the Inter-Connect project also participates, a second meeting on the topic of urban and interurban low carbon intermodal mobility for passengers was organized on October 7th. Project partners and mobility experts actively participated in the meeting and discussed the progress of cluster activities.


At the meeting, the partners highlighted the key issues they observe in the Adriatic region, where greater emphasis and additional analysis will be needed in the future, including:

  • Need for capacity building for key players and decision-making levels (local, national and international).
  • A higher number of passengers is perceived during the peak season in which tourism is an important factor of local and regional development.
  • Passengers and tourists face consequence of unsustainable mobility models and lack of effective intermodal solutions.
  • Inadequate coverage and accessibility of public charging infrastructures.
  • Better understanding of the consequences of the above-mentioned problems, by the policy makers and the authorities.


Three other sub actions that are going to be implemented within the ADRION program were presented at the meeting:

  1. Formulation of a strategic framework of measures, policies and institutional cooperation for enhancing local and transnational passengers’ intermodality.
  2. Signing a strategic MoU for establishing a cooperation network for boosting Interregional electromobilitiy in the Adriatic area.
  3. Elaborating of project ideas to be financed in the framework of the next programming period.


More details about the meeting can be found here.