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The countries of the Western Balkans to develop skills and mobility strategies with the help of RRA LUR

  • 29. 7. 2022

The coming months will be marked by the new ProSUMP project, aimed at introducing contemporary and sustainable mobility strategies in 6 countries of the Western Balkans. RRA LUR, being one of the leading Slovenian development agencies in the field of integrated transport planning, is to play the main role.

Despite many efforts the car remains the dominant means of transport throughout the area of ​​SE Europe and development of road infrastructure is prioritised in urban planning.

The purpose of the ProSUMP project is the transfer of skills and knowledge, based on exemplatory successful practices in order to introduce Integrated Transport Strategies (ITS) measures in the region of the Western Balkans for it to take a turn toward sustainable mobility.

Belgrade, Pristina, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Skopje, Tirana and 12 other cities will:

  • develop a concept for setting up an organizational structure for the systematic implementation of urban mobility plans,
  • receive an action plan, including a draft document for the introduction of an urban mobility officer at the local or regional level,
  • the local and regional authorities will acquire relevant skills for competently facing mobility issues

RRA LUR is assigned a central role in the project. Chosen as an exemplatory case of good practice, it will be in charge of the transfer of knowledge and will act as a regional mobility hub as well as the main coordinator between the cities.