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RRA LUR in Budapest, exchanging experiences on the establishment of an e-bike sharing system

  • 18. 5. 2023

Representatives of the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region participated in the final conference of the CIVITAS FastTrack project in Budapest, Hungary, from May 15 to 17. The FastTrack project collaborates with 24 urban and suburban areas, aiming to accelerate the introduction of innovations in sustainable mobility. RRA LUR is involved in the project as an associated region and is acquiring knowledge in the field of cycling.

The first day of the conference focused on innovative mobility solutions. Participants gained insights into the knowledge and experiences of Budapest, which has successfully collaborated with stakeholders, facilitating a faster transition to innovative solutions in sustainable mobility, such as improving the bike-sharing system, public transportation, and more.

The second day was dedicated to group workshops focusing on selected topics. RRA LUR participated in the group addressing e-mobility, presenting its previous work on the project and sharing experiences in establishing a public e-bike sharing system in the Ljubljana Urban Region. The city of Brașov, Romania, also presented its challenges and work in implementing a bike-sharing model.

The final day of the conference included a presentation on the bike-sharing system in Budapest. RRA LUR representatives visited a bicycle manufacturing factory and obtained more information on the establishment of such a system. In the case of Budapest, it involves public-private partnerships, alternative sources of funding, and more.

The conference program was filled with interesting panels, inspiring keynote speeches, lively workshops, and an interactive marketplace where other ongoing European projects were presented. Collaborating with cities and partners, even beyond the project’s borders, is the best way to achieve valuable and long-lasting knowledge exchange, which the representatives of RRA LUR gained during the FastTrack project.