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RRA LUR empowering Sustainable Urban Mobility in Belgrade

  • 26. 10. 2023

The IV Regional ProSUMP Workshop, organized under the banner of the Open Regional Fund for South-East Europe: Energy, Transport, and Climate Protection (ORF ETC) and moderated from RRA LUR has recently concluded, leaving a trail of insights, collaboration, and strategies aimed at fostering sustainable urban mobility across the Western Balkans. The IV regional workshop, held in Belgrade from October 18th to 20th, 2023, was a pivotal gathering of experts, policymakers, and urban planners dedicated to enhancing the institutionalization of urban mobility in the region.

Regional workshop a result of collaborative efforts between the Open Regional Fund for South-East Europe (ORF ETC) and the Transport Community. It followed the success of prior knowledge-sharing sessions, notably the III Ljubljana workshop, aimed at promoting the exchange of regional expertise and best practices in Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs). Three-day workshop served as a dynamic platform for stakeholders in the field of sustainable urban mobility. Workshop overarching goals were to explore synergies with the Transport Community as participants delved into the intricate relationship between the Transport Community and the ProSUMP component. This exploration illuminated synergies and opportunities for collaboration, highlighting the importance of a unified approach to sustainable urban mobility.

Moreover, workshop delved into the practical aspects of SUMP implementation while comprehensive discussions cantered around the practical aspects of implementing Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, be it on a national, regional, or local level of the entities of Western Balkans. For this purposes, best practices from Slovenia and Ljubljana urban region were presented and potential challenges in Western Balkans were examined, providing valuable insights for successful implementation of SUM. Presentation from Ljubljana urban region underlined the Importance of monitoring and evaluation of mobility practices. Effective monitoring, evaluation, and reporting mechanisms are underscored as vital tools to track progress in Slovenian practices of the 2nd generation of SUMP’s on local, regional and national level. This emphasis on data-driven decision-making ensures the efficacy of urban mobility initiatives.

Presentation from Transport Community and JASPERS (European Investment Bank) on the second date advocated for Integrated Transport Planning in WB region. JASPERS delegates underlined the critical need for integrated transport planning and implementation strategies while also observing local context. Emphasizing a holistic approach, the workshop showcased the benefits of a comprehensive outlook to achieve sustainable urban mobility across the Western Balkans. In addition, there is a need to bolster connections to TEN-T network. Participants explored the significance of well-connected urban nodes to the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). A strong emphasis was placed on the importance of a seamlessly connected transport system, be it rail or road.

Following the Urban Mobility days in Sevilla, representatives of WB capitals made and presented Peer-to-Peer presentations on measures that they had learned and would like to transfer on the local level. Urban mobility experts from different Western Balkan countries shared their experiences and lessons learned from the Urban Mobility Days in Sevilla. This cross-country knowledge transfer initiative demonstrates the value of shared experiences and best practices.

The IV Regional ProSUMP Workshop was not just a gathering of minds but a springboard for tangible action in the realm of sustainable urban mobility in Western Balkans area. The insights and collaborative efforts from this workshop are set to drive positive change across the Western Balkans. With a focus on institutionalization, integrated planning, monitoring, and collaboration, the workshop has laid the foundation for a more sustainable and interconnected future for urban mobility in the region. It is evident that these discussions and shared experiences will continue to shape the evolution of urban mobility for the better.