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Policy recommendation COCO4CCI

  • 8. 3. 2022

This publication on policy recommendations aims to be a guide and reference to create a favorable environment and ecosystem for cross-sectoral collaborations.

Based on the learnings from the Interreg Central Europe project Culture and Creative Industries Cooperation Collider (COCO4CCI) a roadmap and several tools were tested and implemented to support and strengthen the collaboration between Culture and Creative Industry (CCI) and advanced manufacturing (AVM).

To bring these two worlds together and learn about their needs, COCO4CCI designed and followed a holistic approach:

Groundwork and research: Levels of readiness, potential and expected impact were explored. Technology, communications and services were identified to engage AVMs and CCIs and gain their interest for cross-sectoral collaborations.

Collaboration Collider: A campaign was developed to raise awareness of how industry thinks and acts. Based on the concept of the “WHOLEBRAINER ” several activities were developed

Awareness raising activities

Training tools for CCIs to better understand the technology, trends, and mindset of manufacturers

Match-making tools to initiate joint projects between CCIs and advanced manufacturers

Download the short version of the publication here: COOPERATION BETWEEN CCI AND AVM BOOSTING INNOVATION IN CENTRAL EUROPE and the long version of the publication here: COCO4CCI Policy Recommendations Cooperation between CCI and AVM.