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Participation of RRA LUR at the meeting of the FastTrack project

  • 4. 7. 2022

RRA LUR representatives attended a meeting in Antwerp, Belgium, which took place from June 20 to 23 and was organized within the FastTrack project, in which RRA LUR participates as a learning city. The purpose of the project meeting was to meet all of the project partners and work on the introduction of various innovations, strategies and financial models.

The FastTrack project works with 24 urban and suburban areas to help them accelerate innovation in the field of sustainable mobility. The project covers various topics in the field of sustainable mobility, RRA LUR is gaining knowledge in the field of cycling and cycling infrastructure.

At project meeting, RRA LUR participated in a workshop that dealt with the field of cycling in urban and functional areas, in addition to working in groups and learning strategies and financing options as well as business models for each thematic group. Beside expert lectures, the project meeting included exploring the city of Antwerp and getting to know the various forms and solutions of sustainable mobility in the city, as well as viewing examples of good practices in the field. RRA LUR looked at the area around the Berchem train station, where several types of mobility are combined, making the area an attractive location for businesses. We visited the EY company and learned more about the important role that companies play in regulating and improving the mobility of their employees and the city of Antwerp.

The last day of the project meeting included a panel discussion of experts in the field of mobility, who discussed the areas of project financing, the inclusion of public-private partnerships, alternative sources of financing, etc. This was followed by a presentation of local challenges in the field of cycling, where, in addition to the cities of Lviv (Ukraine), Brasov and Bucharest (Romania), RRA LUR presented planned establishment of e-bikes in LUR, bike-sharing model, planned sources of funding and the challenges we face as a region.