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Invitation to the online STAR Cities European Conference

  • 22. 11. 2021

RRA LUR as a partner of the STAR Cities project invites you to the STAR Cities European Conference which will take place on November 26th via Zoom.

STAR Cities learning programme is coming to an end and project partners are happy to present the result of their cooperation for a better management of river tourism in Riverside Cities.

During this virtual conference, STAR Cities partnership will present a selection of good practices from the partnership and outside. Then, we would like to open the discussion about the future of our cooperation through the Riverside Cities network that we wish to develop in the coming years.

The conference will also present STAR Cities Good Practices Guide, the result of three years of exchange of experiences about river tourism development. This document presents the main outcomes of the project learning programme and a selection of good practices from all project partners, together with policy recommendations.

Provisional agenda – Friday 26 November 10:00 CET

10:00-10:10- Welcome and introduction

10:10-11:10 – Good practices from STAR Cities partnership and outside

Pitching session of good practices:

  • Engaging Locals & Communities in river tourism
  • Developing new Tourism products & Marketing strategies
  • Improving Governance systems & Cooperation of stakeholders 
  • Raising awareness on Environment & Sustainability topics

STAR Cities conclusions and policy recommendations

11:10-11:45- STAR Cities partnership looks to the future!

Interreg Europe supports interregional cooperation since 2014 and tomorrow
Riverside Cities network, next steps beyond STAR Cities
Questions and discussion

REGISTER: STAR Cities European Conference