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Feasibility study of maritime passenger transport between Slovenia and Italy avaliable

  • 21. 1. 2022

Feasibility Study on Cross-border Maritime Connections for Passenger Transport between Slovenia and Italy in both Italian and Slovenian.

Within the framework of the FORTIS project, the Municipality of Koper in co-operation with the University of Ljubljana (Faculty of Maritime and Transport Studies) carried out a feasibility study entitled “Cross-border Maritime Connections for Passenger Transport between Slovenia and Italy”.

Experts analysed the feasibility of establishing a cross-border maritime connection between Slovenia and Italy, more precisely between Koper and Trieste, identifying several objectives:

  • Analysis of the existing network as well as the organisation of public passenger transport in both territorial areas;
  • Verification of the studies previously conducted on cross-border connections between Italy and Slovenia involving public passenger transport;
  • A needs analysis of local inhabitants regarding the cross-border maritime connection with Trieste;
  • The selection of a suitable ship to upgrade the Koper-Trieste line alongside the calculation of the break-even point in the event of the introduction of a maritime connection between Koper and Trieste.

The study also showed the need to ensure greater sustainability for all types of transport and a wide availability of sustainable alternatives in the multimodal transport system, as well as to create a real incentive for transition.