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European funding for all who wish to realise a business idea in the LUR

  • 6. 7. 2020

“PONI LUR – An entrepreneurial approach to challenges in the Ljubljana Urban Region” is a new project whose principal activities will be focused on providing training for individuals with innovative and advanced business ideas, with the aim of helping them set up a new enterprise on completion of the programme.  

Under the programme, which will run until 30 September 2023, up to 78 individuals will have the opportunity to develop their own business ideas. An expert panel will select the most promising ideas on the basis of an open call for applications. The selected individuals will then sign a four-month employment contract with RRA LUR and receive substantive support, which is crucial for the promotion of entrepreneurial activity and the successful development of business ideas. For the duration of the programme they will be mentored by various top experts and successful entrepreneurs, who will provide them with the entrepreneurial knowledge they will need when embarking on their own entrepreneurial journey – everything from the development of a business idea to the elaboration of a business model and business plan, marketing and promotional activities and basic legal and financial knowledge. All necessary physical infrastructure will also be provided under the co-working principle.

The first call for applications is expected to be published at the end of July, with the first group of 12 participants due to begin training in October 2020.

The total value of the “PONI LUR – An entrepreneurial approach to challenges in the Ljubljana Urban Region” project is €831,480.00, of which the ERDF will contribute €582,036.00.