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Working meeting with presentation of proposed measures to strengthen the cultural and creative sector

  • 24. 5. 2018

CRE:HUB Delavnica z deležniki 18. 5. 2018On Friday, 18 May a working meeting was held at the Town Hall with decision-makers and policymakers for the purpose of verifying the suitability and feasibility of proposed measures for the development of the cultural and creative sector.

These measures were drafted in cooperation with stakeholders from this field, in the context of the CRE:HUB project. The proposed measures represent a basis for the preparation of an action plan, which is the basic objective of the project. Via this document and other activities that are being implemented within the CRE:HUB project, RRA LUR is endeavouring to offer key decision-makers and policymakers working in this field concrete proposals to improve the situation of the cultural and creative sector.