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RRA LUR ramping up regions on POLIS 2022 conference

  • 9. 12. 2022

After the successful 2021 POLIS Annual Conference in Gothenburg, the POLIS conference 2022 took place on November 30th and December 1st in Brussels, Belgium. As previously, this year’s edition provided an opportunity for cities and regions to showcase their transport achievements to a large audience of mobility experts, practitioners and decision-makers. The Regional development agency of the Ljubljana urban region was presented as a fine example of innovative sustainable mobility measures and projects.


As the POLIS community is growing larger, the 2022 edition broke all records! The venue (The Egg Brussels) ran at full capacity with more than 800 participants who could attend over 40 sessions about relevant topics suggested by the members of our powerful network. The two plenary sessions gave the floor to top level responsible and thinkers, including Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President of European Commission, Carlos Moreno (Urbanist and contributing author of ’15-min city concept’ and others, whose activities are focusing on sustainable policy changes and actions.


In course of two days, the Annual POLIS Conference 2022 offered a mix of 32 parallel sessions, 8 deep-dive panels and 2 plenaries focused on some of the hottest topics that are high on the mobility agenda of cities and regions. Ljubljana urban region was happy to play its part within the programme with a presentation on Regional sustainable mobility governance: Enabling long-term resilience within the rural-urban connectivity of Ljubljana urban region.


In the session “Ramping up regions”, the RRA LUR presentation outlined the current sustainable mobility projects and actions on regional policy that are focused on establishing and testing a model of regional mobility management in the form of six regional mobility centres in Slovenia. Acting as a regional enabler, RRA LUR will introduce education courses on elevating sustainable modes of mobility and changing user habits on a regional scale, thus contributing to the innovative regional governance on the regional level in Slovenia. In addition, established regional mobility governance will test and promote developing mobility plans for sustainable mobility management in regionally important high-traffic locations (e.g. business, social service and tourism areas) and try to propose and promote regionally relevant sustainable mobility measures. Additionally, RRA LUR presented a new form of mobility, currently being tested in our region, e.g. dinamic shuttle transfers (essentially a public transport on demand connecting rural and urban areas), demonstrating high innovative and replicability potential also within the light of the POLIS conference.


Along with cities and regions of Amsterdam, Antwerp and Eurodelta functional urban area, the Ljubljana urban region advocated the fact that POLIS member regions have been playing a pivotal role in developing and testing public transport services, active travel infrastructure, innovative governance systems and strategic policy instruments to facilitate sustainable mobility development. The next POLIS conference is to be held in Leuven in Autumn 2023.