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RRA LUR strengthens and promotes gender equality

  • 10. 1. 2022

Gender equality is a fundamental value of the European Union, which is why in 2022 the European Commission is instituting a new rule to adopt a gender equality plan for all public, higher education and research institutions applying for Horizon Europe calls.

RRA LUR supports this requirement and has adopted Gender Equality Action Plan in January 2022 as a set of commitments focused on promoting gender equality in the Agency.

The plan contains measures that lead to key strategic objectives, and addresses the areas that are crucial to ensure gender equality at the RRA LUR, and which are highlighted as recommended by the European Commission within its Horizon Europe programme requirements:

  • work-life balance and organisational culture,
  • gender balance in leadership and decision-making,
  • gender equality in recruitment and career progression,
  • integration of the gender dimension into documents,
  • measures against gender-based violence, including sexual harassment.