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Preparations for government visit to Central Slovenia region

  • 8. 4. 2016

Preparatory meeting for the government visit to the Central Slovenia regionAs part of the preparations for the government visit to the Central Slovenia region, which is scheduled for May, a meeting between government representatives and representatives of the local community (mayors, members of the business community, development institutions and regional NGOs) took place in Brezovica on Friday, 8 April.

Discussion at the meeting focused on open questions and key developmental challenges in the region and/or individual municipalities. These included: access to European funds; sustainability and mobility in the region; tourism; spatial planning and development based on knowledge and cooperation. The representatives of the majority of municipalities also drew attention to measures designed to ensure greater flood safety in the region. The Central Slovenia region is the most developed region in the country and generates 36% of national GDP. On the other hand, the diversity of the 26 municipalities that make up the region presents significant challenges to uniform, sustainable development.