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CIVITAS Winter Couse

  • 7. 12. 2021

Last week, representatives of the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region attended the Winter Course, which was organized within the CIVITAS program (Sustainable and smart mobility for all) and was intended primarily for experts in the field of sustainable mobility.

The 3,5-day course took place in the city of Klaipeda, located on the Baltic Sea coast and is the third largest city in Lithuania. The course was intended for experts in the field of sustainable mobility, where they were able to gain more knowledge in the field of active mobility, mobility of coastal cities and innovations in the field of mobility. The aim of the course was to increase personal capacity, individual knowledge, and skills and to support the achievement of urban sustainability goals. The course was attended by academics as well as NGOs, public organizations and private companies and service providers.

The event, led by a team of experts and stakeholders from across Europe, consisted of a mix of expert lectures, interactive assignments and group work of a case study based on local challenges. Representatives of the RRA LUR met with the challenge of sustainable arrangement of the main street passing through the city of Klaipeda, which is currently more in favour of a car traffic. At the end of the course, each of the participants also received a certificate for active participation.