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FORTIS final conference

  • 21. 6. 2022

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to join us at the final conference of the FORTIS project on July 7th 2022 in Trieste to discuss our achievements in cross-border mobility and share with you our knowledge in heavy vehicles checks in the cross-border area between Italy and Slovenia.


FORTIS partners are eager to show the results of the pilot activities performed over the last three years, as well as the main outcomes of the feasibility studies performed in the area related to integrated ticketing and cross border maritime connections. The institutional cooperation played a crucial role in delivering tangible outcomes, leading towards the drawing of several agreements among main players. Hence, the event consists in two round table discussions, starting from the planning, activating, and promoting cross-border public transport services and passing on to the procedures related to heavy vehicle registration and controls in the cross-border area between Italy and Slovenia.

The FORTIS project is funded under Interreg Italy-Slovenia Programme and aims at improving and harmonising cross-border public transport services and increasing the knowledge and the best practice exchange on vehicle registration and licensing procedures in Italy and Slovenia. This has been achieved through institutional cooperation among the main decision-makers in both countries to ease the implementation of further efficient cross-border connections.

Register here and join our discussion!